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Another tender implementation - this time in Kosovo


Controlsoft Automatika Ltd. was awarded by a tender financed by the Western Balkans Green Centre. Based on our cooperation our company had the chance to support Controlsoft experts in this challenging but very interesting project in the Republic of Kosovo from March 2021.


Project title:

"Feasibility study on the Deployment of SCADA-based process control and automation systems in the operational area of the seven Kosovar regional water utility companies." (Project ID: WBGC-2020/2-2020-00039).

Within the framework of the project, a feasibility study (business planning) on the possible installation of a webSCADA-based process control and remote monitoring system was carried out after several site visits, data collections and technical discussions with the engineering teams of the seven regional water utility companies. Several water infrastructure sites were visited, the current water supply and distribution network with the main filed objects were studied and analysed. After the preliminary data collection procedures our Controlsoft experts prepared preliminary proposals for the possible implementation of the webSCADA based automation systems. The feedback and suggestions of the local experts have been taken into consideration and the final configuration of the process control and automation systems were created based on mutual consensus.

The feasibility study was completed by the end of the project, which we hope will allow us to start with the physical implementation of the webSCADA systems.


The project ended on 31.03.2022.

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