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Seawater desalination with HidroWell technology in Tunisia

This project included the design, manufacturing, transport and commissioning of a drinking water treatment plant, using the HidroWell containerised technology.

The mobile seawater desalination and treatment plant was placed in the El-Ketf portuary area located at the Tunisian-Libyan border and now supplies the coastal communities with clean, safe drinking water where fresh water resources are scarce.

Water treatment Technology:
Ultrafiltration (UF) is used as a preliminary step to remove contaminants of the raw seawater, then reverse osmosis (RO) allows for a completely clean and safe drinking water production through desalination at a capacity of 50 m3 per day.

In addition to turning seawater into potable, ready for consumption water, energy recovery is also part of the implemented equipment.

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    Africa / Tunisia
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  • Customer and operator
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary / Agens des Ports et des Installations
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